Behind The Lens

My name is Phil Bentz.  I take pictures by day, fight crime by night, and this is my photography site.  Ok, the second part was a lie, I don’t fight crime, but I do have a police scanner app on my iPhone.

If I’m going to shoot your wedding or portrait session, we should get to know each other a little better.  I’ll go first;

-I was almost excommunicated from the state of Washington because I don’t drink coffee.  Gasp!  But don’t worry, my wife Jessica is a coffeholic through and through.  

-I do, however, enjoy a mean cup of chai tea (with vanilla) from Starbucks.

-I used to like dogs, until I had kids.  If you’re not a parent you’ll understand when you have kids.  I’ll probably like dogs again once the kids are grown in a couple decades.

-When I’m not holding a camera, I’m usually (very cautiously) shredding my KTM dirt bike up a trail in the mountains, or catching salmon or steelhead somewhere in Washington State.

-I used to be in the Army, and although it was a great experience, I wasn’t terribly fond of Baghdad so I decided to be a photographer instead.  I made a good choice.

-I met my gorgeous wife (and business partner) when I was on my 2 week leave from a deployment in Iraq.  She was dating someone else.  6 months later when I got home, they weren’t together so I made my move.  Boom.